New Yoga Clothing from Crystal and Rox

crystal and rox


Crystal and Rox has launched a new range of stylish, soft and seriously clever yoga clothing, which not only looks fabulous but which allows you to carry crystals within, helping you to capture the power of crystals, reach new heights of yoga poses and feel a higher, more energised state of mind to help you take you yoga practice to the next level.

The range includes 5 different styles of top, each equipped with crystal pockets, and designed to make the wearer look stylish whilst giving them the ability to keep their crystal close to hand. The pockets are situated close to the heart chakra, in the cleavage area and each top comes with its own crystal. There are also two styles of leggings that are ideal for yoga wear and which compliment the tops perfectly.

For hundreds of years, people have used crystals to empower and enrich their lives, but never before has this technique been used within quality yoga clothing.

The creator of the product range, Bunmi Aboaba, a qualified Dentist and devout yogi who is passionate about crystal healing and who practices Vinyasa yoga discovered the power of crystals during an emotional time in her life and began to explore the possibilities of integrating the stones into quality yoga clothing, something she couldn’t find available anywhere else.

The range has now grown from clothing to include stylish unique hand made jewellery, launching for the run up to Christmas 2015. Each product contains individual crystals, is hand made to order and has attracted interest from all over the world.

Take a look at the fab range!

crystal and rox


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