Why buy Preloved Fashion?

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Preloved fashion can be purchased on many different platforms for example charity shops, car boots, online websites for example Ebay, and specialised preloved or vintage boutiques to name a few. It’s a great way to get fabulous and unique pieces more often than not at a bargain price.

Some people may think this type of shopping is not entirely for them but upcycling and recycling is very trendy and helps you do your bit for the environment.   We can all go to the local high street and pick up a bulk item from our bargain multinationals but locating a one-off unique piece has its rewards tenfold.

Fashionista’s can find many unique and on trend vintage pieces whilst rummaging through rails of odds and ends in their local charity shops and if you are looking for formal wear, preloved clothing is perfect for saving the pennies on usually expensive evening or wedding outfits. Many people buy one off outfits for these occasions so when they decide to sell or donate them, many items have hardly been used which is perfect for grabbing a bargain.

There are a few key things to look out for when buying preloved and these include checking hems, zips and obvious signs of wear and tear but overall as preloved clothing becomes more popular everyone can enjoy unique items whilst saving money.



  1. Georgia Hope
    June 30, 2015 / 10:56

    Great post, I love checking out charity shops! My uni town has about 10 on the high street near me and they’re so good for finding lovely bargains 🙂 xx
    Chasing Belle

    • June 30, 2015 / 13:54

      Thanks Georgia, glad you liked the post. I love finding items in charity shops and revamping them for a modern style. I also rarely buy anything full price anymore, I’m a total bargain hunter 🙂

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