Vintage Fair, Coffee and Cake and a spot of Shopping!

Today has been a productive yet relaxing day, this morning myself and hubby went along to a local vintage event hosted by Nostalgia Vintage Fairs at The Cedars Inn Barnstaple.  This event is run once a month and is full of lovely vintage and retro goodies.  There was a lot of home-ware items and lovely tea sets too which always catch my eye.  I was hoping for a few more clothing pieces but the selection was beautiful but a little over my budget.  The green coat in the picture was one of my favourite pieces and was such amazing quality and workmanship, the colour and style really stood out too.

The prices for vintage has gone up considerably since I started buying it about 5 years ago, I suppose back then it wasn’t as trendy to shop in charity shops and at car boots.  It’s a shame as that holds me back in making vintage purchases as something has to be super special and a real investment piece to add to my wardrobe.  Check out some of the lovely items at todays vintage fair, would be great to know what everybody thinks of the vintage fashion market at the minute, are you experiencing higher prices because it has gained popularity?

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After the vintage fair, we headed into town for coffee and cake (my favourite combination!) and a spot of shopping.  As a fashion blogger you may find it strange that I don’t spend a lot on clothing as I like to make use of donations from my sisters, charity shops and clothing sales.  I love clothing to make a statement and today I found some fabulous bright printed pieces in the River Island sale.  I purchased a top and skirt which cost £20 in total and I just loved the pattern and colours, I couldn’t resist. 
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This week I’m also going to be launching a special giveaway for my blog reaching 1k followers which features brands such as Able Clothing, LISU Handmade Jewellery, Cupcake Couture, Olivia’s Vintage and many more.   Keep your eyes peeled, thanks for all the support for the blog and to my lovely readers and followers!

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  1. April 7, 2014 / 11:35

    The cost of vintage has really gone through the roof! I don’t buy it anymore really, I used to pick up the odd item from vintage fairs or shops but I can’t afford to shop in those places anymore so only really buy vintage when I can pick it up from the car boot sale or a charity shop (but never the big ones like Oxfam, they inflate their prices). It’s a shame, it really is, but there’s a lot of vintage style on the high street so I am not losing out.

    Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers! P x

    • April 10, 2014 / 13:37

      Thanks so much. It’s so nice to buy unique pieces but like you said there is a lot of vintage inspirations on the highstreet to fill the gap 🙂