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I featured an upcoming independent clothing brand back in July and have the privilege in bringing you a fabulous follow up on how this brand are making their mark in the independent sector and how they are serving up something a little different to the fashion table.

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Dan from Unconnected contacted me to let me know how well the brand is doing and as my support for independents continues to grow, I thought it would be perfect to do a little interview and let my readers know the progress of such a young versatile brand.

Dan, Unconnected has been going from strength to strength in the past year, what’s the secret to your success? 

Thank you Tasha, it’s great to feel that our progression is been noticed. The secret to any success I feel is hard work and determination. I set a goal of starting up the brand and getting to a respectable and noticeable standard within the first year and I feel we have achieved that. Like I said hard work is the key to success, spending long days, and working hard to understand the market we are in.

I see you have some new products, tell us about the new ranges? 

We have dramatically expanded our product range! We are no longer just a tshirt brand, we are a fully fledged clothing brand now offering Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Hoddies and Beanies. Our AW13 range is out now which includes a lot of these new items, and we are about to release some more products for the New Year.

Are you collaborating with any other brands in the new range?

We have done a collaboration with another independent clothing brand called Undone. We both got in contact with each other about the possibility of working together on a tshirt. Several messages went back and forth, several designs by myself were put into the mix to see if we could work something out which would look good. In the end we went for a simple tshirt adopting aspects from both our logo’s, which worked really well and it sold brilliantly. 

Have you had any memorable successes in the past year you want to shout about?

Its been a bit of a mental time from starting up the brand. We have done things not many brands have achieved in their first year. We are in talks with 3 stores about been stocked, 2 in the UK and 1 in Australia. We have also worked with a night club in Nottingham and held a joint event. We are now in the process of starting a brand new adventure which will be a very big deal for us, I can’t disclose any details yet but it’s going to be big!!

What do you hope for the future of Unconnected? 

I’ll keep it short and sweet, we want to succeed in developing the brand and challenging the high-street to do better!

Check out some of my favourites from the brand and take a peek at lots more on their website.  I am hoping to do a product review very soon too! 

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aw13, fashion, tshirt
aw13, fashion, tshirt

I’ll be keeping tabs on this developing brand and can’t wait for their big news coming very soon.  You can keep up to date on all their new products, news and offers at www.unconnectedclothing.co.uk  and via their social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Just want to say a big thanks to Dan again for the interview, it’s always a pleasure to support upcoming independents. 

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