Trendy Foureyes with Specspost

I first started wearing glasses from a young age and I’ll never forget my first pair, a shell coloured frame which read Barbie along the arm.  I thought they were tres cool at the time!  As you all know trends change and for me wearing glasses was so geeky and during my teenage years although I was supposed to still wear them for distance I never did due to my crazy vanity.  It wasn’t until 6 years ago that my now husband asked me to flick through the TV guide, only for me to squint so hard at it trying to work out what was actually scheduled.  He said ‘can you actually read that?’ My response ‘yes of course’, in my head it was actually a big fat no!

He insisted I get an eye test and with that I was told I needed to wear glasses all the time due to the years of going without.  Oh I forgot to mention I couldn’t event read the big A at the top of the letters in the test, it was pretty bad!  The next few months I actually found it really strange wearing specs, don’t get me wrong I’d chosen some lovely styles but I really didn’t think they suited me and people were looking at me funny, stupid really!

After years of using the well known high-street specs retailers and getting used to my new accessory, I was looking for other glasses that didn’t cost the world but also were in funky styles that suited my personality and look.  A fellow blogger Beth Worrell featured a glasses online retailer that sounded right up my street.

This online retailer was Specspost, they offer an amazing selection of on trend glasses including coloured pairs, vintage styles and also designer makes.  My favourite pair of specs are from this great online shop and cost under £20.  Yes that’s right, so affordable you can have styles to match different looks and occasions.

I recently sampled one of their fabulous home trials, it’s a great way to sample the specs you like and make sure they fit perfectly before making a firm buy.  I sampled a funky coloured pair, retro styles and showed off my current pair showing how long these fashionable specs actually last (I purchased them at the beginning of the year), in this case just because they are great value doesn’t mean they won’t last a good while too.

Specspost also offer a range of trendy sunglasses in prescription lenses, even if you don’t need to wear specs they do all the styles in non prescription so if you fancy an update on your look, this is the perfect accessory.  So here are the amazing styles I sampled, it was so hard to choose from the fabulous selection but here were some of my favourite frames.

Specspost home trialTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah

The funky glasses I sampled were:

specspost home trailElsie Delilah | Specspost

My attitude towards glasses has completely changed due to the amazing trends and styles on offer.  I use them to show of my personality and add some interest to an outfit and with the help of online retailers like Specspost I can do all of this in a affordable and stylish way.




  1. December 1, 2014 / 21:30

    Wearing glasses takes some getting used to doesn’t it! My prescription is getting worse and I’ve just switched to contact lenses for now, but it’s nice to have the option of glasses when you fancy. I recognise the Gok Wan pair in the bottom right – I had those for over a year!
    lily x

    • November 2, 2014 / 21:20

      I was exactly the same as you, now finding the right styles for me I can’t imagine not wearing them! 🙂

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