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For people that know me well, they will know I love dogs and my own pooch Maddie is very much part of my little family.  Like us, they need great nutrition to stay in the best shape and it always makes me laugh that I actually sometimes think more about what I feed my dog rather than what I eat myself, silly really as both of us need the healthiest choices.

Like with our food, pet food can contain lots of additives and sugars that can make your pets unhealthy resulting in bad breath, dull coat, bad behaviours and a range of health problems.  We had lots of advice when we started puppy training about good nutrition and I’m always on the look out for healthy dog foods and treats so when I was introduced to Pet Shop an online shop I found a huge selection of great pet food brands and some alternatives to the normal selection in my local pet shop.

I always look for foods that contain no processed extras and I decided to try out some great brands that boast natural ingredients that only include meats and vegetables to limit the risk of allergies and intolerances some pets have.  Maddie tried out some brands I’d never heard of but she definitely loved trying something new, the Canagan free run Chicken food went down well especially with a small mix of Almo’s Nature wet food.

Maddie loves a treat and even at 4 years old, we still continue to reinforce the training she learnt at puppy class and the Orijen Bison dog treats work really well as she seems to be fussy with most healthy alternatives.  She must be the only dog not motivated by food!

Pet foods can be quite expensive especially if you want to get the best food you can and Pet Shop Bowl can help save some pennies with the great offers and free delivery over £19.99, they have everything you need from flea treatment to grooming equipment and cater for all sorts of pets from dogs to guinea pigs.

If you love treating your very important pet, why not check them out!


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