Top 5 Easy Beauty Tips

I love it when things are easy and simple and taking care of my skin happens to be just that.  As a teenager I had troublesome skin so using harsh product or so called miracle workers didn’t work for me but keeping it natural and giving my skin the basic nutrients it needed to heal worked wonders.

I try to stick by some golden rules for keeping my skin looking in tip top condition without using lots of products but feeding my skin all the right things and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for easy skin-care without using lots of products:

Tip 1 – Feed your skin the right things 

Our body needs a balance of the right nutrients and fuels to lead a healthy lifestyle and our skin is no different.  Eating a wide and varied balance of vitamins, quality proteins and essential fatty acids to keep it looking its best.  I try my best to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables and Kale is a great food which contains a host of vitamins including A, B, C, E and K which is fab as I’ve been growing this in my veggie patch.

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Tip 2 – Sweet Dreams

Getting a good nights sleep is another easy one to stick to because our bodies relax and regenerate throughout the night.  Also another easy one is wash your bed linen regularly (I know most of you already do this) but our pillows especially can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dead skin.

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Tip 3 – Mobile Phones

We’ve all got one but did you know that our mobiles can actually cause skin breakouts.  Depending on how much you use yours and I know I do a lot, bacteria collects from resting it against our face.  Just giving it a quick wipe with an antibacterial type wipe can help prevent future breakouts.

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Tip 4 – Stimulate your skin

A must for my skin-care regime is moisturiser and I’ve recently been introduced to how to apply it correctly for maximum effect.  When you skin is slightly damp, put a small amount in your hand and press together to get a warming effect.  When applying to your face, use upward motions going from lower cheeks up to your forehead, this will help stimulate your skin and create a lifted feeling.  My favourite moisturiser at the minute is Ultra Nourishing Cream by Melvita.

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Tip 5 – Be Patient

If you are like me, then sometimes I like to feel instant results or instant pick me ups but as the saying goes ‘all good come to those who wait’ is true when it comes to skin care.  Not only does feeding and nurturing your skin take time and care but it is also true when you buy products that help give improvements to your skin.  Personal experience has seen that you need to give products a good 3-4 weeks before you start to see a noticeable difference so don’t get disheartened if you don’t have immediate effects.

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The key is to feed your skin all the right things to keep it healthy, products can help enhance and perfect but good basic care from within sets the wheels in motion for skin perfection.

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