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Now if you are anything like me, buying the correct size bra used to be guess work.  I mean I roughly knew what size I was but after weight fluctuation and comfort factors effecting my bra purchases, it meant finding time for a bra fitting was always something I would honestly get around to, hmm!  Now a recent survey shows there are many ladies out there like myself and one in four of us never get accurately measured.  Are you one of these ladies??

So how does correctly fitting lingerie make you feel?  Recent research carried out by the fashion brand Simply Be on 2000 women in the UK uncovered that 56% of us love wearing matching lingerie and 55% love having a perfectly fitting bra.  Having this in mind, is it because we love how it makes us feel, how it accentuates our curves or just because a correctly fitted bra is super comfortable?  Well for me the answer is all of the above.

Everything I just mentioned is all about body confidence, we’ve all had our off days but as many of you know if you are wearing something that makes you look and feel great, you radiate confidence.  Rachel MacLynn, Chartered Psychologist gives us some fabulous advice “The shape a bra gives you can have an impact on how feminine or sexy you feel – and in turn how confident – and it’s something that’s very easy to have control over.”

Just 53% of us know how to correctly measure ourselves and this could mean many ladies have ill fitting and incorrectly sized bras.  Is this you?, if it is lingerie brand Simply Be could help with your lingerie choices, lingerie buyer Lollie Todd explains “At Simply Be we’ve always known there was a connection between great fitting lingerie and body confidence. We want to encourage all women to love their bodies and look after themselves.”

Many retailers offer free bra fitting and the internet offers many guides to measuring yourself for the perfect bra.  If you have been putting it off, just grab a tape measure or book yourself a free bra fitting and discover the world of beautiful lingerie and renewed body confidence.

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