The Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and Galway City

Our second day in Dublin was a very early start as I booked a tour with Wild Rover Tours to visit the west of Ireland including The Cliffs of Moher, The Burren National Park and Galway.  The coach picked us up at 7am and we headed out of the city with a short break on the 3 hour drive.  I’m so glad they had a Costa at the service station as it was needed, coach journey’s always seem to make me sleepy!

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher were an amazing experience, luckily after a grey start the skies cleared and we could really appreciate the beauty of the area.  We spent a couple of hours here and walked on each side of the cliffs to get the best views.  There was also a small tower overlooking the cliffs named O’Brien’s Tower, at the observation area you can really get an amazing perspective of the sheer vastness of the area and the beauty of the environment.  The exhibition centre was cleverly dug into the cliff face and we enjoyed a coffee overlooking the area.

cliffs of moherTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah
cliffs of moherTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah


The Burren National Park

The Burren National Park is an unusual and interesting area.  The limestone rocks cover a massive area of approx 1500 hectares and includes rugged rocky terrain and pastureland with alpacas and cows grazing peacefully.  The drive along the coastline is called the Wild Atlantic way and I can see why, the roads are narrow and twisty mixed with the brisk wind and rough seas, it makes for some great photos.  We stopped before Galway to appreciate the landscape, myself and hubby went down towards the sea and I got some lovely shots.

burren national parkTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah
burren national parkTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah



Our last stop in the afternoon was in Galway city.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and was quite excited about going to Galway but the image conjured by the term city doesn’t really depict Galway at all, in a good way.  We had a couple of hours to explore and there was quite a large buzzing shopping area teamed with a large working dockland area.  Some parts looked quite dilapidated and you can still see where the recession hit the west of Ireland quite hard with graffiti and empty buildings still a feature.  We wandered around the town stopping to have coffee and cake in a little cafe called Elles.  We spotted some Galway sights including the museum, The Spanish Arch and harbour.

galway cityTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah

Galway was our last stop on the tour and we travelled back to Dublin arriving at approx 8pm.  The tour and the guides were fantastic and Rob was very knowledgable and happy to advise on the best places to see and do in the city.  It was a long day but well worth the experience.  It enabled us to see the different sides of Ireland from a bustling Dublin city to the quaint harbour city Galway.  The countryside and views in each county along the way were an incredible sight and it was amazing to see how the Irish love to preserve their landscape and are very proud of their heritage.




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