The Boom – The Independents

This year has seen a fabulous boom in Independent Clothing.  Social Media has a positive impact on the voice of these collections and helping get them into the hands of the consumer.

‘The Independents’ have a great edge on your normal high street apparel combining unique appeal with great customer service.  The variety has been growing ten fold since last year with designers and fashion lovers putting their spin on T-shirts, Beanies, Hoodies and much more besides.  
No one piece is the same with many brands hand-making or printing their own products, you are sure to get an individual piece. 
One brand which focusses on unique and individual style is Cozed Clothing, the brand was established this year and already has a huge following.  I first found this fab apparel on Twitter and along with the other 11.5k followers appreciate its unique style.  Each piece is handmade and makes a great addition to any wardrobe and definitely creates a statement.  Check out their products on 

The independent apparel market is growing and its making unique style accessible at a fraction of the cost from most high-street generic designs.  
Individuals can express themselves and help contribute to the creators talents and pockets instead of the large business money makers.
I personally hope this market blossoms as I have seen some inventive designs and have been encouraged by some young but intelligent business minds.  
Check out ‘The Independents’ as they are more accessible than you think.
‘Real Success is doing what you love’ – Johnny Cupcakes