The 5:2 Skin Diet – Does it Work?

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The diet plan is simple, you eat normally for five consecutive days and on the next 2 you must limit yourself to 500 calories a day (600 for men). People accepted the 5:2 diet plan well, mostly because it was much easier to follow than conventional diet plans. It reportedly worked well too, and its success might have paved the path for a new 5:2 diet and this one has nothing to do with food.


The 5:2 skin diet has been making headlines across Europe recently. Much like the original 5:2 diet, the 5:2 skin diet means you wear makeup for five days a week and for two consecutive days you must wear no makeup at all. Recent studies have shown that a break from applying makeup can actually benefit you tremendously. Going makeup free at intervals can prevent premature aging, allowing skin cells to regenerate and also cut down irritation felt because of applying makeup over a lengthy period of time.


Does the diet really work? Many of those who have used it say that they saw a noticeable difference in just a couple of weeks. Perhaps this is why the diet has become such a trend these days. Some specialists even go further and claim that the diet can make your skin look fresher and younger in as little as 30 days. This is how Vinay, CEO at the online makeup site explains, “It’s an astounding fact that in a country like the Great Britain, about 75 percent of all women wear makeup on a daily basis. This is seriously unhealthy and is bound to have effects on your skin over the long term. You should go makeup free whenever you get the opportunity. 2 days per week seems achievable for the majority of women but if you can’t still make it, try once a week.”


Dr. Esho, a skincare expert and founder of the LeBeau Ideal Aesthetics Clinic, echoes a similar message, ‘For the modern working woman, understandably going  make-up free may not always be a feasible option and grooming regimes  have to be realistic to fit into women’s lifestyles. However, for the most part, going two days make-up free is an achievable step to take that will give visible positive benefits to the skin in a few weeks.’


In essence, the 5:2 skin diet seems like a good plan. It’s always advisable that you go makeup free every once in a while, and a plan that warrants that you would go entirely makeup free at least twice a week can only do you good.  I always try to go makeup free on a Sunday to give my skin a day of rest.  Do you follow this type of skin diet or detox?  Would love to know your routines and results.


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  1. April 9, 2015 / 23:17

    Interesting…. Persoanlly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing make-up. I wear it to feel more confident and to feel more empowered and ready to approach any situation that life throws at me – that’s just how I feel. What is important however is that your make up is thoroughly removed with a good cleansing balm or oil, and then given a thorough cleanse again afterwards followed by the rest of your routine, and that you aren’t wearing your make-up for longer than you need to.
    But this is certainly food for thought!

    • April 10, 2015 / 21:54

      Hey Lucy, thanks for your comment. I totally agree I wouldn’t be without my makeup and taking it off is a must. So glad it inspired some food for thought!

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