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The new super tea containing the equivalent benefits of 10 cups of green tea in one serving!

Experts in ‘Matcha Green Tea,’ Purechimp, have spent years carefully studying the benefits of matcha green tea vs conventional green tea. The health benefits that the new super tea provides have been astounding, leading Purechimp to base their entire company around this one ingredient.

Over the last decade or so, green tea has become a best seller in supermarkets as well as health food stores. Individuals have chosen to drink the tea for its known health benefits as well as the fact that it is a refreshing hot beverage without having the high content level of addictive caffeine that coffee contains. Green tea has also become a symbol of health and style, meaning that those who drink it send out a strong statement to others that they look after their bodies.

Green tea, as refreshing as it is, does not appeal to all. Lots of people choose to drink it because they know it’s doing them good, without particularly enjoying the taste. Purechimp are reaching out to such consumers as well as green tea enthusiasts and health conscious individuals alike with their new matcha green tea range which sees up to ten times the benefits of normal green tea in just one cup.

Matcha green tea differs from normal green tea because it has heightened levels of theanine and chlorophyll. Theanine offers an energy boost without the typical crash that comes hours later with normal caffeinated tea.

Chlorophyll is the green substance found in plants; having a higher chlorophyll content means that matcha tea has a stronger green colour than conventional green tea and also means that stems and leaves don’t need to be included in the blend, leading to a softer, smoother taste. Overall the matcha benefits include raised alertness and improved mental focus.

Purechimp have also developed a range of shampoo and skin care products which contain matcha green tea. Matcha green tea is wonderful for the skin and is particularly good for those with sensitivities. Purechimp have created all-natural products which offer results without the irritation.

Check out this fabulous new superfood!


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