Special Feature – Unconnected Clothing

Unconnected Clothing

I love featuring new brands and supporting people who break the mould.  One such brand is Unconnected Clothing, with over one thousand followers on Twitter there are many people who agree that this brand is the big thing to watch in 2013.

Based in Yorkshire, this apparel is already breaking into the independent industry with quirky designs and unique appeal.   Unconnected Clothing’s ethos embraces great quality and brilliant design with owner Dan at the helm.  Dan has given us a little insight to the workings and ambitions for Unconnected:

Dan, what was the reason for starting the brand Unconnected?

The reason I started the brand was due to going to university and studying Product Design. I wasn’t really finding my potential on particular elements of the course but parts of it aided my move and direction into apparel design. So having several discussions with family and friends we all came to the conclusion that I have a keen interest in the fashion world, spending a lot of my wages on clothing! So I spent a few weeks doing possible designs to see if there was any potential, and they received a great response which has led to Unconnected being as successful as it is today.

Love the Logo and the Name; is there a particular meaning to this or yourself?

The reason I named the brand Unconnected was simply by mistake. I was designing logos for several days and I always seemed to be putting a gap in the designs, so I thought the logos were being unconnected, and I loved the name! So re-designed the logo to this name. However after stumbling upon it I feel we have embraced it’s meaning and brought this into the brand. Trying to become different from the other independent brands that are out there.
You have great designs, what inspires them?

What inspires my designs… Well everything really. The environment we live in, everything around me really. I can be walking down the street see something, hear something etc and get an idea from it; my head is a little strange with designing new things!

Dan, there are a lot of brands out there now, why does Unconnected stand out?

Unconnected as a brand want to stand for quality and a great attitude towards the market we are in. We go so in depth when creating our products I sometimes think our suppliers and printer get a little bit annoyed with us, due to the extensive range of questions we ask. But I think this shows that we care as we are ensuring that everything is done correctly and to the standard we want it to be.

The Big Question: What do you hope for the future of Unconnected?

For the future we want Unconnected to be a big player in the fashion industry. My dream is to hopefully have a shop located in Leeds City Centre. We just want to be the best we can be. 
Dream Big!

Check out some of the great designs which are available on the website, all at a fabulous price and more designs in the pipeline, there is a brilliant range to choose from.

I am sure Unconnected is going to be influencing the fashion scene in the coming months and years and its been great sharing this new and upcoming brand with you.  Big thanks to Dan at Unconnected for sharing his passion and everything can be found online at www.unconnectedclothing.co.ukand also on Twitter and Facebook.  Check out the links below: