Special Feature – Primped Clothing

Get Primped – Stay Primped

As part of my support for independent brands, todays feature belongs to Primped Clothing.  The brand gives itself this name from the real definition – to dress or groom (oneself) with meticulous attention to detail.

The brand was established very recently and prides itself on producing original, authentic and affordable unisex apparel.  Primped also provides individual designs and limited stock so you can be sure that you truly have a unique piece.

Check out their fabulous lookbook pictures to get a feel for the brand and check out their website at www.primped.co.uk

The brand have launched with exclusive designs in their ‘Signature’ and ‘Love’ range and have captured styles that suit both their male and female audience.

The brand is destined for big things in 2013 so check out the website and their social media links below and join the Primped journey.