Special Feature – Fresh Junky Clothing Co

This special feature comes from across the pond, from the fabulous USA.  Elsie Delilah emphasises the ongoing support for independent brands and believes everyone needs the choice in today’s market to stand out from the rest and embrace unique identity.
Fresh Junky is an international and established brand featuring unisex apparel based in Los Angeles.  The founder Rei Camacho gives us some insight to what makes Fresh Junky successful:
When was Fresh Junky created and what were your reasons for starting this brand?
Fresh Junky was created back in 1999.  I started the company once completing High School.  As a skateboarder and not being able to find a huge selection of skater comfort apparel, the gap in the market supported the idea of Fresh Junky.
How did you get the name Fresh Junky?

Myself and my friends would always throw the name “Fresh” around, just basically using it in almost every sentence, people today would say, “Cool, Awesome etc”.  From that, we knew were addicted to the word, and applied that to our lifestyle, titling us, The Fresh Junky’s.
What inspires your designs?

Our inspiration is drawn from Individuality, Simplicity and Urban Street Lifestyles.  Our apparel represents each of these elements giving our customers unique designs and comfortable clothing.
Where are you based and do you ship internationally?

FJ Clothing Co. aka Fresh Junky originated from New York City and is currently based out of Los Angeles, California USA and yes always welcome orders from around the world. 
Make sure you check out their website and have a look at their fab designs all catered for fresh and unique individuals.
Fresh Junky can be found online at www.freshjunky.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.