Secrets of a Successful Festival Season

An unexpected source has come up with a trio of solutions to some of the trials of festival season.

Extremities – a specialist outdoor brand which focuses on protection for hands, head and feet in extreme environments – believes it has solutions for fashionistas facing aching feet and unpredictable weather.

Carolyn Budding is a director at the company. She says: “Our products are not always an obvious choice for the fashion-conscious, but they are renowned for their performance – which is why we’re confident the hidden features in our accessories could be a real boon for festival-goers.”

Wellies are an essential item for festivals, but they can sometimes leave feet either sweaty or cold – conditions which are familiar to extreme sportspeople who enjoy feats such as mountain marathons or long-distance trekking.

The Extremities Light Hiker sock is perfect for wearing under wellies as it has a specially designed foot grip to help prevent blisters and is made with Coolmax technology for better moisture management and Wool Ultra for warmth as well as its wicking properties.

The sock has extra padding at the ankle, heel and toe for additional comfort and has a ‘flat toe seam to prevent rubbing.

Hats are a popular accessory for festivals, but few offer any real protection from unexpected hot sunshine or a sudden shower.

The Extremities waterproof beanie has a hidden waterproof layer between the colourful outer knit and micro-fleece inner – a festival fashion staple with secret protection from the elements.

And for sudden showers and sunny spells, the Pocket Hat GTX is handy to have on stand-by. A baseball-style cap with two clever folds in the peak means this breathable and waterproof hat folds down neatly to fit in a pocket – ideal to whip out in a sudden shower or to protect skin from hot sunshine.

Carolyn adds: “Festival time is fantastic for fashion – but it is too easy to dismiss blisters and getting wet until it’s too late.

“We’d like to think of our hats and socks being the hidden tricks which help you look and feel your best.”

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