Safe travel this winter

safe travel

As we approach the festive season, many of us will be travelling to family and friends around the country or just popping across town for Christmas dinner.  I live in a relatively quiet place for traffic, I mean North Devon’s rush hour is more like a rush 20 minutes! Saying that it is getting busier and as it is a holiday destination the festive season sees somewhat of a crowd descend upon the town.

Traffic can be mad and pairing that with either torrential rain, icy conditions or the rare glimpse of snow we’ve seen in recent years looking after the very thing that gets us from A to B is really important this time of year, yes I’m talking about your car.  Being a bit of a car widow (being married to a mechanic and a car nut) I do know my way around a car especially the parts that need regular checking for example the tyres, oil and water levels.  Now these simple things can help with safe travel especially if you do a lot of it.

Now how many people just drive around with an engine management light on and hope it goes away, a lot of people I’m sure.  Ignoring the simple things could mean a potentially larger bill at the garage or even worse being stuck at the side of the road on a winter’s night.  There are plenty of local and friendly garages that’ll help you get set for travelling safely this winter, one of my local tyres specialists Point-S tyres have several outlets in Devon providing a variety of car tyres in all sizes and from all the top brands such as Michelin, Continental etc available at the best prices, so that you can check them out and book car tyres online along with tyre fitting appointment at a time convenient for you.

Even if you are just popping across town or only do short journeys in general, it’s really important to just do the basic checks to make sure your festive period has no unnecessary stress.


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