Romance in the West Country

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With idyllic scenery, endless country roads and a notably romantic history, the Cotswolds provides the perfect setting to get lost caravanning with your loved one. The quintessentially British area not only caters to caravanning couples wishing to bask in the natural beauty of the countryside, but also to those with a touch of luxury in mind. So, whether you’re looking for that perfect picnic spot, tour the famous romantic road, or sample the indulgent delights of the Cotswolds, these caravan trails will guide you through the best of what the area has to offer.

Taking in the Romantic Road

The aptly named and well-known route is one not to be missed by those seeking a day of romance and adventure. Basing yourself at the Broadway Caravan Club Site, you will be treated to quality pitching facilities with a short walk to the picturesque village and its quaint amenities. The circular road trail will give much opportunity for loving wanderings and romantic memory making in the golden stone villages along the way. Key points to take leave are the tourist favourite Bourton on the Water, with its intimate coffee shops and cosy tearooms. Additionally, the small unknown village of Stanton is worth stopping for the evening; with gorgeous sunset settings and warm welcoming pubs. Coming full circle, finish your trip at Broadway Tower to take in the stunning views over the boundless rolling hills; the perfect backdrop for a relaxed evening stroll.

Perfect Partner Picnics

This course is for those couples whose love flourishes in the great outdoors. Begin your trip at the medieval town of Cirencester – a lesser-known gem of the Cotswolds. Spend the day taking in the scenery of the surrounding area, stopping for a picture perfect picnic in one of the cities’ peaceful parks. On arrival, pitch up at the beautiful four-star Hoburne caravan resort; surrounded by tranquil lakes and boasting luxury facilities. Explore the calm waters and sample the natural delights the vast waterpark has to offer. Finally take to the water for a scenic Cotswold Trust canal boat tour – a lovely way to finish off your calming outdoors romantic retreat.

The Fairytale Ending

Every story of romance must finish with a fairytale ending, and this final trail befits just that. Begin your journey at the hometown of the man responsible for some of the most iconic stories of love: Stratford Upon Avon. Aside from being the home of Shakespeare, the market town is steeped in history, with endless opportunities for museum musings and architecture adoring – continue on to aimlessly meander through the old-world cobbled streets, lined with period Tudor buildings. After soaking up the sites take a night of rest at Riverside Caravan park; with its late night opening pools and gourmet onsite restaurant. The following day, after indulging in Riversides’ fully laden breakfast buffet, set off toward Winchcombe. The charming village is around a forty-five minute journey and is home to one of The Camping and Caravanning Clubs’ flagship sites. On the final evening venture out the chocolate-box village to embark upon on an even sweeter destination:the Three Ways House Hotel and Manor. Almost as if plucked from a period drama romance novel, the grand house is a stunning setting in itself. As well as being set in ten acres of meticulously groomed grounds the hotel restaurant also boasts a tempting locally sourced menu, with varied choices to suit any taste. The climax of this final chapter, however, is the Three Ways’ famed pudding club. The vast array of desserts for two will provide a full evening of pudding tasting; a sweet indulgence which must be shared to be enjoyed. This is certainly an ending befitting any couple that likes to taste the finer things in life whilst on their caravanning tour holidays.

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Contributed by: Jade Attwood at the Camping and Caravanning Club.


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