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As a specs wearer I’m always on the look out for fabulous glasses to add to my collection, affordable though of course!  I recently had my eyes tested and as there was a slight change, I could choose to get a new pair.  I love the geek chic styles around and my current pair have been my favourite for ages.

Buying glasses online has become quite popular, with more people being confident to trust the quality of what they are purchasing online.  I have bought specs online for the past few years as I have been so happy with the affordable varieties you can pick up, in such a wide selection of styles and looks.

Recently I was introduced to an American company specialising in supplying spectacles globally.   has a brilliant range of styles to choose from and although you make think they may take ages to arrive, they were ready and delivered in about a week!  I used the handy size guides and measured my current glasses as they are a perfect fit and I was able to find a pair that were super comfortable and fit beautifully.

I have quite a large collection of specs as I love to be able to change the style to my mood or look.  Take a look at how fab these geek chic Firmoo glasses are and if you are a specs wearer, be sure to check out their collections.


firmooTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah
firmooTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah


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