Relax with Aroma Works Luxury Candles

Like all ladies, I love to be able to pamper myself.  Give myself a little me time, run a scorching hot bath with tons of bubbles and light some of my favourite candles to create a home spa experience. Well until this past week I never thought my regular candles could actually be doing me some harm, the paraffin in these like most candles contains harmful toxins and parabens and I’ve been merrily burning away not even giving it a thought.

The past couple of weeks I’ve come to learn that as most things natural is best even when it comes to scenting your home.  So when I was introduced to Aroma Works Luxury Candles, the science behind them wasn’t my first thought.  My first instinct was to give all of them a real good sniff as that’s important right!!  Well these candles aren’t only healthier for you but smell amazing and visitors to my house have even commented on the spa like aromas which all in all creates a very relaxed atmosphere.

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I have tried out a fabulous range that Aroma Works has to offer and their are lots more products available on their website .  All of the candles are made from Soy and Beeswax and the aroma is created using 100% essential oils.  Aroma Works ensure their products will be free from harmful unnatural chemicals and pesticides and guarantee none of their products or ingredients will ever be tested on any animals or living creatures. 

Serenity Candle –  This was my favourite candle of the pick mainly because of the gorgeous aroma it gave off.  The essential oils used in this candle are Lemongrass and Geranium and really creates a zingy refreshing smell which is perfect for neutralising odours and creating a fresh and pleasant room fragrance even after it has been extinguished.  
Burning time: 36 hours  Price £32.00
candles, oils, fragrances, beauty, health

Soulful Candle – Wow this candle was a lovely size and although a little pricey for my normal budget, would actually make a lovely fragrance investment.  It has lovely exotic scents combining spicy Frankincense and Fruity Juniper Berry and a total of 7 essential oils and has a long burning time and aids in deep relaxation.  A sure winner in my bathroom whilst enjoying a soak in the tub.

Burning time: 40 hours  Price £43.00

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Essential Rose Candle – This fragrance was my least favourite but is by no means an unpleasant smell. It has a very floral odour which I found quite overpowering so didn’t light the candle for a long period of time.  The scents are provided by 7 essential oils featuring Rose and Patchouli.  This is definitely something I would buy as a gift for example for my nan as she would love this fragrance.   The size of this candle is affordable and you still get a great burning time.

Burning time: 20 hours  Price £15.00

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Inspire Room Mist – The Aroma Works room mist was another one of my favourite fragrances, its scent which combines spicy black pepper and lime to name a few creates a refreshing and pleasant smell and I loved the fact that spraying this in a room meant I was breathing in nothing but essential oils.  These oils are known to help reduce fatigue and promote calm and soothing effects.

Price £16.00 on sale normally £20.00

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Nurture Reed Diffuser – This was another popular one for me as I love just having a light fragrance in my home which doesn’t mean I have to light a candle all the time.  The diffuser releases a lovely subtle fragrance which consist of the essential oils May Chang and Chamomile.  This diffuser sits perfectly on your mantlepiece or a shelf and is in a small glass jar to fit in with any room.

Price £35.00

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You may be thinking that these fragrances are more than what you would normally pay for candles, room scents etc as I personally thought the same but looking into the science behind these unique candles makes you think about what I’m really using in my home.  Each product by Aroma Works is carefully made in the UK even the packaging and each candle is hand poured into the wonderful and stylish glass holders.  
The packaging for Aroma Works is simple yet very elegant and if you are buying these products as a gift the box already comes with a lovely paper wrap inside.  Each item also has a great guide to ensuring the best out of what you have purchased from burning tips to wick trimming and a little guide on how its made.  
I would you love to take a look at these great products and take a peek at all the latest news, updates and products being released.  Check out the website Aroma Works  and social media links for all the up to date product information.
*This post contains PR samples from AromaWorks