Quirky Designs from The Body Jewellery Shop

As a lover of body art, I appreciate if people chose to modify their body to suit their personality.  Although I have had hours of ink work done, I am still slightly squeamish about the thought of body piercings.  Not exactly sure why as I once had a navel piercing and I have my lobes and outer ear pierced, I also love the placing of some piercings my favourite being a cute nose stud.  Saying that I was recently introduced to an online superstore for body jewellery and fashion accessories.

The Body Jewellery Shop has an amazing selection of ear piercing collections for every part of your ear including daith, lobe, helix piercings and many more.  If you have body modifications, there is a massive selection for navel, nipple, lip, tongue, nose and many others to choose from.  I received some cute pentagram studs at a steal for £1.99 and a helix bar for £4.95.  This dainty but quirky jewellery will pair brilliantly with my Burial Ground cam jacket and Doc Martins.

Body art and modification is a great way to share your personality, tell a story or fulfil your personal style and at The Body Jewellery Shop there is a huge selection of designs to suit any occasion or style.  Check out their website for a great selection of bargain body jewellery pieces.


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Do you have any body art or modifications? Would love to know!



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  1. September 25, 2015 / 13:42

    Hi Tasha, great designs 🙂

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