Perfectly Fitting Bras Give Body Confidence A Lift


A new study has revealed the power of well-fitting lingerie with 55% of UK women
admitting that the right bra gives their body confidence a big boost.
But despite this, over a quarter of women never measure themselves or get
professionally fitted according to research by fashion brand Simply Be.

The survey uncovered that although 53% of respondents claim to know how to correctly
measure themselves for a bra, one in four women never get accurately measured. This
could indicate that many women are wearing bras of the incorrect size and could be
affecting body confidence.

Says Simply Be’s lingerie buyer, Lollie Todd, “Although many women don’t get
measured, nearly half (43%) of them are buying new lingerie every three to six months
– so there could be an awful lot of ill-fitting bras out there, hindering women from
feeling at peak condition.”

In relation to body confidence, wearing matching bra & briefs was discovered as the top
confidence booster (56%), closely followed be wearing a perfectly fitting bra (55%).
Surprisingly, wearing a push up bra fell behind with less than half (48%) feeling it
would improve their confidence.

Wearing shapewear was selected least (28%), indicating that body shape is less
important in improving confidence than the fit of the lingerie and wearing items that
match or accentuate features.

Says Rachel MacLynn, Chartered Psychologist and owner of matchmaking consultancy
Vida, “We always advise clients to go home and change after work before a date because
what you wear has such an effect on how you feel and project yourself. The shape a bra
gives you can have an impact on how feminine or sexy you feel – and in turn how
confident – and it’s something that’s very easy to have control over.”

Continues Lollie “At Simply Be we’ve always known there was a connection between
great fitting lingerie and body confidence. We want to encourage all women to love their
bodies and look after themselves.” Body confidence has been a prevalent topic in recent ears,               perhaps lingerie is another hidden factor that could help give UK women the confidence they                 deserve. Many retailers offer free bra fittings as well as there being many online guides, so finding the correct size has never been easier.

Simply Be are a women’s clothing brand offering the latest fashion in sizes 12-32 plus
lingerie in back sizes 30-50 and cups A-K. As well as their website
they have nine UK stores with plans for many more, including one on London’s Oxford
Street due to open this September.

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