New Year Resolutions

So you may think it’s a little early for new year resolutions as we haven’t even made it past Christmas Day yet but i’m thinking way ahead at the moment and starting to set myself some goals already.

This year has been anything but easy yet somehow I feel in a really good place.  It’s funny how when things get a bit tough it makes you appreciate everything so much more.  I don’t really like to call it new year resolutions as everything in my head is a long term plan but the start of a year is a good time to reevaluate things and start moving ahead.  Myself and hubby are in the process of preparing to move and we’re heading to Somerset.  I’ve lived in the South West now for 7 years and hailing originally from the South East, I now call this my home and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  It’s such a lovely part of the country and has such a diverse selection of locations and pretty places.

So I think I only have one major new year resolution for 2016 and that’s to explore as much of it as I can, everything from places, events and yummy food.  Lots of people are now choosing shorter breaks in the UK and the South West is an ideal place to visit so I’m hoping i’ll be able to provide a little inspiration from my personal reviews and experiences in the lovely locations around the South West from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

The blog may be on the quiet side for a few weeks whilst I move but I’m hoping to get some fab guest bloggers to take over during my absence.

new year resolutions


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