My UK City Break Wishlist

There are so many places I’d love to visit and for many like me the list includes many overseas destinations.  I recently listed my top city destinations, most of which were trips abroad but there are still so many places here in the UK that I would love to visit.  Sometimes you forget or take for granted the amazing cities and towns that we have in our country, most steeped in history and always with something unique and different to see.

I’ve visited many of the popular and well-known places such as Birmingham, Bath, Exeter, Bristol and of course London.  I used to live in London but yet never took advantage of the many things on offer.  Now I feel like the other side of the country (well nearly) I always try to get as much packed in when visiting my bestie.

So thinking about all the lovely places to visit here in the UK, I’ve compiled my top 5 places I’d love to visit.  There are so many more examples and I’d love to here your thoughts on favourite cities and things to do.  So here they are:


The capital city of Scotland is full of history and the thriving university population provides a buzzing nightlife and sensational events. Edinburgh also packs heaps of history with 1000-year-old castle right in the centre of town. This city loves a good celebration and presents several festivals and parties throughout the year. I’d love to visit over New Year, Hogmanay is a massive celebration lasting 4 days hosting parties, concerts, fairs and parades, and I’m sure it would certainly be a party to remember.

The Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens Visit Scotland

The Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens


Another city I’d love to see is Manchester.  The home of indie and pop culture, Oasis, Take That and The Stone Roses.  The city has also seen extensive development over the past 10 years and it hosts some of the most fascinating and modern architecture in the UK.  Top places I’d love to see in the city include Salford Quays, Bridgewater Hall and the quirky exhibition hall Urbis. The city also offers lots of shopping, music and cultural things to do making it a must see city.


Salford Quay, ManchesterMartin Sylvester - Flickr Creative Commons


If you me you like unique, quirky places then Brighton is perfect. The city is known for it’s colourful, thriving nightlife and is certainly an open-minded place to be. This city by the beach boasts a brilliant aquarium, amazing shopping and lovely fish and chips. Brighton Pier alone is a major attraction to the city and I absolutely love being by the sea.


Brighton PierBeverley Goodwin - Flickr Creative Commons


The city famous for England’s oldest university and bursting with history is beautiful Oxford. This smaller city boasts several historic walks and tours, perfect for people with a love of UK heritage and history.  I’d love to stay in the unique and unusual hotels including a former jail and haunted castle. The architecture is beautiful and the markets provide a lovely place for some unique retail therapy.


Oxford UniversityChris Chabot - Flickr Creative Commons

Last but not least is York, this very historic city dating back to Roman, Viking and Anglo Saxon times, it is the perfect place to explore monuments, architecture and ancient relics. York Minster is a disguising feature in York’s skyline and it is one of Europe’s greatest gothic cathedrals. The city is full of unique boutique style shops and markets that are perfect for fashion lovers and people looking something interesting.

                       York Minster                           Michael D Beckwith – Flickr Creative Commons



When you want to take a little weekend break, visiting our capital city is one of the favourite places in the UK to go for an interesting city break. Planning a city break can sometimes leave you in two minds on whether to stay on home soil or visit the number of beautiful cities on offer from our European counterparts.  As I want to see more in 2015, exploring places in my home country is perfect for a unique budget break.  Where are your favourite places to visit?


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