My Snowdonia Adventure


Last weekend I finally did something I had wanted to do for a while and that was climb Snowdon.  Now I’ll be honest I didn’t think it was actually going to be that difficult and boy was I wrong.  My fitness levels have definitely improved in recent months but I certainly wasn’t near enough prepared for the task that was Snowdon.

Walking, hiking, it sounds easy right?? Hmm well I certainly took for granted just how much physical and mental strength it takes to take on such a task.  We woke up at 3am on Saturday morning as we were picking up a group of friends who also were taking part and after a very long drive and a few pit stops (including a big breakfast) we arrived in Snowdonia National Park around midday.


I was extremely tired and my motivation at this point was bordering on nil to be honest.  The area was beautiful, the scenery stunning but my mood was terrible.  My lovely hubby was desperately trying to lift my spirits but the thought was starting to suddenly dawn on me that this wasn’t going to be easy.  Just looking at the path from our minibus to the start point looked daunting.

After preparing ourselves and making sure we had enough water, snacks and suitable layers (it was quite chilly), we set off.  We took the Miners path on our way up Snowdon which started with a gentle incline for the first few miles.  The views were breathtaking but this was just the start, as we got higher the scenery just got even more incredible but this was the point it started to get a lot more tougher.  The path took us along where it eventually met with another path call the Pyg.  At this point the path took a tougher incline, whilst I was worrying how I was even going to get past this point, a rescue helicopter was circling and trying to land.  Someone needed medical attention, which for me made the situation seem that more real and to be honest I was feeling very apprehensive.

Once I got past this point the path was very steep and very challenging,  I was concentrating so much on my footing and where I was going that I didn’t really feel like I could take in the surroundings.  This was probably a good thing though as it was very misty and looking down really made you realise the height you were actually hiking.  My husband and a friend really helped me get to the top, their guidance and motivation pushed me that little bit further everytime and when we finally made it to the top, I couldn’t believe it!  I’d actually made it!  The feeling was slightly surreal as it was so cloudy and misty at the top you could hardly see a few feet in front of you but alas I had done it and it felt great!

We had the honorary photo with the plinth and made our way to the cafe.  The top of Snowdon was packed with people and in here we refuelled on high carb snacks and I drank lots of water to rehydrate.  I felt exhausted and certainly had a feeling that I need to get fitter as this surely wasn’t supposed to be so tough.  I mean there were kids and older people climbing it that didn’t even look like they were breaking a sweat!

The way down felt like a breath of fresh air, all that adrenaline I had built up had started to ease and I finally felt like I could really enjoy the moment and take in the beautiful surroundings.  The weather had improved and as we neared the crossing point of the two paths, we decided this time to descend down the Pyg path.  This path was tough especially on your knees and I really started to feel it on my lower back too.  I couldn’t have imagined taking this path up Snowdon as that would have been an immense challenge.

On our return to the minibus, my legs were achy and I was incredibly tired and looking forward to a nice hot bath back at the hotel.


snowdonTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah
snowdonTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah

Our hotel – Hotel Port Dinorwic

Our base for the night was at Hotel Port Dinorwic, this hotel was in a beautiful location, only 15 minutes away from Snowdon.  This hotel caters for everyone with normal occupancy rooms up to larger suites for groups of people travelling together.  The hotel featured a heated indoor pool and sauna which was perfect for resting achy limbs after my Snowdon climb.

Our room was quite basic but included an ensuite and kitchenette, which would be great if you wanted to keep costs down and prepare snacks in your room.  There was free Wifi which was great for uploading all my pictures from the day and updating everyone on my new achievement.  The staff were really friendly and the bar during the evening was quite chilled with a nice atmosphere.

This hotel is a great base if you want to explore the area and also climb Snowdon, also very affordable too.


hotel port dinorwicTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah


My Snowdon adventure was a very short break and I wish I had more time to visit other areas in North Wales.  The area was outstanding with gorgeous scenery.  Snowdon was a massive challenge for me and if anyone is considering it, I say go for it but make sure you are fully prepared as it’s not your average hill climb.  If you don’t fancy the climb, there is always the train which takes you to the top.

We crammed in quite a lot over the two days which was pretty exhausting but if you get the chance, take a visit to North Wales you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer for a UK staycation.




  1. May 30, 2015 / 20:42

    Thanks so much for sharing your link with me on Twitter, your post is SO helpful. We can’t decide which route to take or where to base ourselves – there are almost too many options! Well done on reaching the top 🙂
    Becky ::

    • May 31, 2015 / 15:51

      Hi Becky, I’m so glad this post helped, it’s a lovely small break and the feeling is fab when you make it to the top! 🙂

  2. May 18, 2015 / 10:03

    I’ve climbed Snowdon a few times, taking various routes and I agree it’s a tough one! Worth it though.

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