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malaga guideThe 5 Best of Everything in Malaga is a new travel guide covering one of Europe’s top cities for a short break. Designed to ensure visitors get the most out of their holiday in Malaga, this easy-to-use guide offers comprehensive information together with detailed maps and local insight, all bang up to date.

The history

As a travel guide updater, I know how frustrating it is to find that information goes out of date very quickly and in a print version there’s nothing you can do about this until the next reprint. I’ve also tried and failed to find my way around using guide book maps – often too small to read even with glasses. Added to this, the pages get smudged, ripped and then fall out. Not to mention the heaviness of the guide weighing your bag down.

All this set me thinking about how to produce a guide that included the latest and correct information about a destination; that showed you how to get to everything clearly and simply; that stayed in pristine condition; and was at your fingertips weighing nothing. And so The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga was born.

Always up to date – Available as a handy app for your smart phone or tablet, this is the most up to date guide to Malaga on the market. All that’s new in Malaga and with guaranteed visitor value – new attractions, hotels, restaurants and essentials – is added almost as soon as it happens. And your version of the app is updated automatically, at no extra charge and forever.

Get there easily – Every list (and there are 42 in the guide) has an interactive Google map locating every venue precisely so you can see how to get there quickly and easily. No more getting hopelessly lost!

Local knowledge – I live in Malaga and know the city inside out. All the listings (over 210) included in The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga have been tried and tested. And I venture on and off the beaten tourist track so you discover the well-known and the not so well-known sides to Malaga.

Guide contents – The six sections – Sights, Things to do, Sleeps, Eats, Buys and Essentials – include 42 listings of the 5 best venues in each. You’ll find art museums, half-day fillers, time-out options, budget tapas bars, treat yourself restaurants, boutique hotels, splurge stays… plus a list of consulates, what to do in an emergency and how to get around on public transport.

Where to buy the guide – Compatible with Android and iOS devices, The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga costs £3.49 – less than a magazine – and is available on The price includes automatic updates for as long as you keep the guide and there are no costly premium versions or annoying adverts.




Contributed by:

Joanna Styles, a travel guide expert who lives in Malaga. Joanna is a regular updater for the Andalucia and Costa del Sol chapters for Fodor’s Spain and updated the eastern Andalucia chapters for the latest editions of Rough Guide to Spain and Rough Guide to Andalucia (2015).

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