Lucky Eyes Launches Dazzling New Collection

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A London jewellery brand is dazzling the accessories scene with a resplendent new collection inspired by NASA’s intergalactic expeditions. The line is titled ‘Lunch with the Stars’ and features a stellar range of cosmic themed necklaces, rings and earrings.

The night sky has infatuated humankind for millennia, and Lucky Eyes founder Sue DeVici is not immune to its intrigue. More commonly referred to as stars, the luminous spheres of plasma held together by their own gravity stirred DeVici to create an interstellar jewellery collection that exalted the work of the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The result is a magnificent collection that sees the worlds of fashion and space science collide in a fabulous flare of innovation. 

Shaped to sparkle, every piece is crafted with precious metals that emit a lustrous sheen. From gleaming sterling silver to the rich tones of 18k yellow and rose gold vermeil, the Lunch with the Stars collection doesn’t hold back on the twinkle factor. To create pieces that echo the hypnotising flickers of the night sky Lucky Eyes has embedded the collection with premium quality crystals. The exceptional clarity and precise cuts often see them mistaken for real diamonds.

DeVici says, “Since I was a young girl I’ve always had an undying infatuation with stars. Over the past few months NASA has made some seriously exciting new discoveries, from the Kepler Mission discovery of 715 new planets and HD snapshots of Pluto to giant craters on Saturn’s moon and luminescent snapshots of ULX colliding galaxies. These discoveries served as my creative muse and categorically inspired me to create the latest Lunch with the Stars collection.”

Lucky Eyes was founded by professional construction engineer turned jewellery artisan, Sue DeVici. Driven by a dream of blending the structural simplicity of architecture with the decorative elements of contemporary design, she has built a British accessories empire that has become synonymous with innovation, intricacy and inherent elegance.

For fashion forward Brits that want to make the world see stars, the lustrous new collection is guaranteed to turn heads. All pieces come beautifully packaged in branded Lucky Eyes packaging which makes them perfect gift ideas.

Prices start from as little as £24 which means all ladies can deck themselves out in on-trend cosmic creations.

To find out more about Lucky Eyes and browse the brilliant new Lunch with the Stars collection now available to purchase online, go to:





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