Capture the Beauty with a Living Necklace

With a love of my natural space and capturing the beauty of your surroundings, I have recently discovered a new jewellery designer that has captured the essence of nature and is drawing on the unmatched beauty of living plants and flowers, the pieces are imaginative, organic and utterly unique.  A new era of accessory is blooming at JXKL, a naturally inspired jewellery boutique retailing a whimsical range of handcrafted necklaces.

JXKL was founded in late 2014 by Jaren and Charlotte, a couple sharing lifelong fascinations with fashion. Both have a passion for design and believe that every outfit should be an extension of its wearer. By integrating bold statements, ethos and aesthetics into its accessories JXKL hopes to encourage individuality while simultaneously inspiring wearers to love and accept love in return.

As well as the magnificence of Mother Nature JXKL is also inspired by a myriad of poems and statements. One minute Jaren and Kai Ling will be drinking in inspirational literature and the next they’re musing about how they can infuse certain ideas into accessories designs.

Jaren says, “We see accessories as an extension of an individual’s personality, which means we channel a huge amount of love, passion and care into every piece. We want JXKL to be something more than just an accessories brand. Every piece echoes the individuality of its wearer and has been crafted to bring deeper interactivity and meaning into everyday outfits.”


living necklaceJXKL

While the brand started out as a simple hobby, public attention soon led to the establishment of an official company. Singapore was one of the first countries to swoon over the unique designs that quite literally bring pieces to life with living plants and flowers. Today JXKL is enjoying unprecedented growth and now retails to fashion forward buyers across the globe.

The boutique launched with a bullet shaped terrarium necklace called Make Love, Not War. Abstract and thoughtful, the piece symbolised that life in a bullet shell is far more powerful than the terror of gunpowder. Several weeks later JXKL showcased a second sub-series called Eternity. Building on the firearms theme, the range featured frozen flowers encased in handcrafted bullet necklaces. The concept reflected the idea that everlasting love never withers, regardless of time. Using the latest frosting technology JXKL managed to retain the natural and exquisite forms of each petal. The flowers bloom in dry, cold environments and retract when it’s moist and warm. The dynamic living necklace was an instant hit and remains the boutique’s best seller.

To celebrate the beginning of summer 2015 the boutique has just unveiled a new line called Sentinels. The collection features formless necklaces that must be cast in full shadow to reveal their true character.  The concept is based on the statement, “You can’t always see me, but I’m always there.” By adopting the character of its shadow JXKL hopes the Sentinels range will subtly remind wearers to watch over their loved ones and cast a shadow of ardour over their day to day lives.

Take a look at this fabulous collection and be inspired by mother nature.


living necklaceJXKL






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      Hey Rachna, it’s a fab brand with beautiful creations, glad I could help 🙂

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