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How many people do you know that speak several languages?  To be honest, I think I can count the number of people I know with one hand.  At school I learnt French and German and although I really liked learning German I decided not to carry on with my studies after school.  This is something many students in my year did, most absolutely hating having to learn another language and questioning do we really need to speak any other than English.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy to learn a completely different language but many other countries as part of their education learn English alongside their native tongue and sometimes I feel it’s a real shame we don’t promote learning a language a bit more in this country.  It offers another world of opportunity if working abroad or travelling takes your fancy.

So is it to late to start learning or picking up a new skill?  Well as the new year is underway and I’ve taken a different approach to making the most out of life, a healthier lifestyle, fitness and adding to my skill set.  I thought why not refresh my very rusty knowledge of another language, German in particular.

I have a pretty busy schedule but I was recently introduced to a great interactive language learning company and a name many may of heard of, Rosetta Stone.  The lessons are perfect to fit around any plans or commitments you already have and courses are designed to get you conversing in your chosen language from the start.  The interactive lessons and structure gives you the confidence to use your new skills in everyday situations and helps you get the pronunciation just right.

I’m going to be studying via the online subscription which is great as Rosetta Stone have apps for my Ipad too, so I can learn on the go.  I’m really looking forward the challenge of trying to remaster another language and expand my horizons a little more.  I’m hoping it’ll also come in handy for some trips I’m planning later in the year.

Once I get going I’ll be posting updates on my progress and how I’m finding the course.  I’d love to know if anyone else has used Rosetta Stone or if you speak any other languages.  Why not take up a challenge for the new year and learn something totally different! #lovelanguage


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