Launching Soon: Rookie Fair

rookie fair

Rookie Fair: The New Course of e-Commerce

The fashion forward can’t afford to be left behind; and in the fast paced world of online shopping, neither can the retailer.

Rookie Fair, brainchild of brother and sister duo Rebecca and Ollie Marshall, combines innovative web strategy and carefully curated designers to give you one pretty nifty online pop-up shop.
Pop-up shops have been en-vogue for years, but unless your commute involves a walk past Box Park or you’re free every Sunday to hunt bargains at your local antiques fair the reality is that “pop-up” can often mean “popped-off”.
Combining the rising trend in seeking out up-and-coming designers with online flash sales marketing, Rookie Fair promises to be the fashion e-house of the future, providing consumers with all the value and originality of pop-ups without ever getting out of your pyjamas.

Each week the site will showcase the designs of four emerging talents in fashion, home styling or jewellery for men and women, all hand selected by founder Rebecca Marshall – but be quick, they’ll only be on the site seven days. Users sign up for e-CRM messages to showcase the top young designers trading that week and so if something takes your fancy; you’ve just enough time to snap it up.
Rookie Fair launches on 16th June with a great host of designers already signed up to the platform and ready to get their designs seen by a whole new market.
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