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Today sees the first in our new interview series, Elsie Delilah loves supporting independent brands whether they be fashion, beauty or interior based.  We’re bringing you a fabulous selection of creatives and designers that that both inject passion and unique individuality into their brands and the independent scene.  Take a look our first interview with the incredible Ropeman.

ropeman interviewThe Ropeman

The Ropeman

This very unique brand captures the beauty of maritime history and craftsmanship and delivers individual pieces perfect for the home.  Take a look at our what inspired this incredible craft.

Q. Give us a little insight into your creative background.

The most physical effort I ever did was holding a microphone and interviewing artist and craftsmen until I met a fisherman on the seashore making nets and splicing rope. I thought maybe I can do that.

Q. Why did you want to start your own brand?

Some call it being in the right place at the right time, I was at a birthday party and I sat next to a lady called Julie Toll.  I told her about the fisherman and the craftsmanship and she said I am making a seaside garden at Chelsea Flower Show, why don’t you make something to include in my show garden. The garden won Best in Show in 1993 and my rope was on the 9 o’clock TV news.

Q. What have been your key inspirations for your designs and concepts?

The seashore and drift wood, the smell of tar and weather worn colours, the past history dreams and memories. One of my star knots was the central theme for a book by Jane Rushbridge, The Devil’s Music.

Q. What has been your most memorable success to date?

Apart from The Chelsea Flower Show, making a hundred doorstops in two weeks and sending them to Japan. Good business!

Q. How would you describe your work style?

It’s hands-on tough and hard work. You have 1,700 possible knots and uses of rope all with special names such as Matthew Walker, Blood Knot, Deadeye Knot and the Bitter End.

Q. What is your hope for the future of your brand?

I hope to continue to bring the traditional skills of the sailor for use around the home, bringing back individual, unique modern uses of British craft.


Don’t forget to check out The Ropeman’s website to get your own maritime creation.



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