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90s trends

The nineties was one of most memorable and also one my favourite decades .  In the latter part of the decade I was becoming a teenager and starting to really understand how I wanted to dress and style my own clothing.  This decade for me introduced trends and the big hype that surrounds iconic looks.  Last season saw the 90’s reappear in trends, with grungey examples taking centre stage in collections and high street equivalents.  This season still has some of my favourite looks but designers seem to have taken a softer approach to many of the 90’s styles.

My favourite looks include check shirts, denim dresses and slouchie beanies and I feel like a big kid again picking out my first on trend looks.  The nineties also gave me my first pair of Dr Martens, it was the shoe style mind you as it was an excuse to try and wear them to school and feel like a rebel.  Two Christmases ago I got my first pair of traditional Dr Marten boots, many may have seen the plastered on my instagram, I absolutely love them and now the cooler weather is returning they are perfect for my AW14 wardrobe.

Autumn is my favourite season and this also gives me an excuse to buy a coat I’ve been wanting since last winter.  The parka is my favourite style and really fits with my staple looks.  Last year I couldn’t find one I liked and this year I’m on the hunt for the perfect parka, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

missselfridge_82448720631294431Miss Selfridge
I’m well and truly a lover of 90’s styles and looks and I couldn’t resist sharing some high street and online 90’s trend finds with everyone.  Take a look at these awesome affordable picks and very soon I’ll be doing a few outfit of the day inspired posts celebrating my favourite 90’s looks.



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