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I’m a big fan of creative design and buying something a little different or unique, even when that comes to phone cases.  Quirky design and illustration is always something that intrigues me as not being an artist myself, I wonder how some people are capable of such beautiful drawings and brilliant ideas.
Now having these funky designs on your Iphone case is the perfect way to carry around a little bit of art whether it be inspiring, quirky or fun and it shows off your personality in a fresh new way.

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New brand Iconemesis has captured everything we love about design and is celebrating artists and designers in a brand new collaboration which brings fresh illustration and perfectly fashionable Iphone cases.  When I saw the designs available on Iconemesis, my eyes were instantly drawn to one of my favourite illustrators Gemma Correll and her cute, funny animal illustrations.  As a lover of dogs the pug Iphone cover was the perfect choice.

Iconemesis is currently undertaking a special campaign on Indiegogo which will help the brand develop and grow whilst bringing fresh, new talent on board to give us new amazing Iphone covers.  If you want to contribute to Iconemesis Indiegogo campaign, you can take a look at this amazing fashion brand at Support Iconemesis Indiegogo Campaign

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Let’s get everyone talking about Iconemesis! Help spread the word by sharing this campaign with your friends and family. You can also add your support by sharing this campaign on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag:   #supporticonemesis

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