Hollywood Nails – My very first project

In my very first job from University, I worked for a small cosmetics company that developed cosmetics and accessories for larger brand names.  It has been one of my fondest jobs as it really let my creative juices flow and gave me lots of inspiration for a future career (as well as receiving lots of great samples)!

After moving house I found one of the products that I worked on in my first project, from designing the nail polish bottles, choosing the colour combinations and also mocking up a jewelled cuff which was my first attempt at really making anything, it was great fun and seeing all my hard work really paid off when the following Xmas it was on sale in my local department store.  My husband actually brought this one for me as a keepsake.

I love the feeling of seeing your finished product and this is a great reminder that a little hard work goes a long way!  

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