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Now I’m the first to admit that gardening isn’t really one of my strong points and thankfully my small garden is paved so it requires very little maintenance.  As part of my trying new things in 2015, I was recommended an online course for beginner gardeners that would give a step by step expert guide on getting the best out of your little green space.


I love flowers for the house, I think they just give that little extra perk in a room with one of my favourite flowers being tulips.  The course I enrolled on was specifically for Cutting Gardens: How to Grow Flowers for the House and didn’t require a large space to undertake the project, which was great for my little green area.  The course was over 4 weeks and included a variety of steps and assignments including starting out and the basics, flowers for all seasons, maintenance and how to use your garden flowers.  Each step included a little assignment which was viewed by your course tutor and other students.  Our virtual classroom provided a forum for the class for help and advice along the way.

MyGardenSchool also provided course notes where I can go back and reference back to any of the steps.  Once the course is completed you get a little badge of completion and a lovely looking green space.  MyGardenSchool has a variety of different courses from getting the perfect lawn, growing vegetables, planting trees and floral design.  There is something for everyone including beginners like me or people who would like to advance or hone their skills.

Cutting Gardens: How to Grow Flowers For The House


If you’d like to get inspired in the garden or like me love flowers in the house, why not try out one of MyGardenSchool’s courses.




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