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Happy New Year!  January is infamously known for new year resolutions and good intentions to get fit and healthy.  I’m not one for making resolutions as long term goals are better and about 6 weeks before christmas I started my fitness challenge with the help of my hubby and personal trainer Marc Kent.  The two weeks I gave myself off due to exams and christmas etc, I’ve fallen slightly back to old ways with all the chocolate and masses of food this time of year brings!  To be honest I’m not feeling great and actually looking forward to getting back to the gym.

I’ve always struggled with healthy eating, as convenience and stodge seem to be programmed into my brain over any healthy choices.  Also coffee is another of my vices, all of these things always taste good at the time but afterwards I’m left feeling lethargic, bloated and my skin suffers terribly!

There are so many choices in regards to healthy eating and fitness, changing your small habits can help with those stubborn ones along the way.  As I said before my big hurdle has been coffee, don’t get me wrong I don’t drink 10 cups a day or anything but I love a great cup of coffee, although it doesn’t love me!  Not drinking a morning coffee was a struggle to say the least, the alternatives such as green tea, herbal teas etc always appeared to smell great but taste of nothing.  As with everything you have to try new things before totally dismissing them and although it’s super simple lemon in hot water is one of my favourite drinks now.

Natural drinks like green tea and herbal teas are a great way to flush toxins from your body and help with your healthy eating goals.  Drinks like this have helped me substitute my unhealthy choices for better, healthier options.  So if you make new year resolutions and really want to stick to something this year, taking the 14 day teatox is the perfect way to do it.  Teatox combines a premium green tea blend infused with real strawberries and papaya with a 14 day flexible eating plan. The eating plan is a not a regimented diet, it includes a number of healthy meals that are easy to prepare, really tasty with simple to follow instructions.

Changing small things can make the world of difference and choosing healthier options rather than convenience is a great step to achieving your own health and fitness goals.  Join in the detox #teatotal


14 day TeatoxD3tox

14 day Teatox




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