Fit for 30 – 21 Day Challenge Week 1

marckent1Marc Kent
Well what can I say, this week has definitely been a challenging one!  Not only did I have a huge change in my diet, my exercise regime went from non existent to flat out in just a few days.  The most difficult thing for me was actually the fitness classes and honestly I thought it would be changing my eating habits.  After the induction last weekend, no kidding I was a mess.  My thighs hurt so bad, I was nearly reduced to tears bending down and that was only a snippet of what we would be doing during classes.  Honestly, I was worried!

The first class was last Monday, after a very good warm up and the muscle saving foam rolling session, class started!  It was tough especially for someone that never does any exercise other than walk the dog. Marc was really encouraging and appreciated I was a little apprehensive about my muscle soreness.  I also think it helps that I do fitness classes with my husband as he encourages me to keep going when I feel I can’t anymore.

Meals this week have consisted of tons of healthy foods and healthy carbs.  These first three weeks will be avoiding heavy carbs such as breads, pastas etc and this is great for me as they totally bloat me out.  I’ve tried foods that most people eat regularly but I’ve always avoided as I thought they tasted awful such as kale and different vegetables.  My husband has cooked all week to encourage my healthy eating further and my water intake is already making my skin feel amazing.  The exercise is also helping leaps and bounds with my achy back.

Towards the end of the week although the classes were getting tougher, my muscles were starting to recover and strengthen.  I’ve managed to cut of coffee all week which to be fair wasn’t difficult but on Friday I nearly caved, I thought one won’t hurt and I took one sip and didn’t like the taste. It was the strangest feeling not liking the taste of something I actually have loved drinking for so long!

The community this week has been amazing, everyone is so supportive and Marc is available to answer any questions however silly they may seem.  Our dedicated page is the perfect place to share recipe inspirations, words of support and keeps you up to date with all the exercise videos to help you achieve the best out of the program.

So the question is, is this health changing challenge really working??  This first week I’ve lost 6lbs and lost a an inch from my bust, waist, hips, thighs and 1.5ins on my arms, so for me it’s a big fat yes!  I’m not overly worried about the weight side of things but losing the inches was a major incentive for me as well as educating myself about what I put in my body.  I also want to say a big well done to my husband who has lost 12lbs in 3 weeks, he’s doing so well!

This first week has been a real eye opener and I have two weeks left of this challenge and I am hoping to achieve some super results.  If you want to find out some more information on this check out the website  Next week is my birthday so there will be so much temptation with cakes and treats so I feel it’s going to be another tough one!  I’ll do the big reveal in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

marc kentMarc Kent


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