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the south westA lot of stuff has been happening recently and not all good, I’m not going to bore everyone with the details but myself and hubby have had to make some pretty big decisions of late which sees us moving in a completely different direction.  I’m all for change but I’m hoping next year will be the year that things start to settle down a bit and we concentrate on really living and doing what we want to do!

After all this reflection and having blogged for a few years now, I’ve also decided that my niche (well if you can call it that) needs a tweak.  I started blogging fashion, then it turned to general lifestyle topics and yet I feel it’s all lost a little direction and not focussing on anything I love to write about or if anyone wants to actually truly read it.

I’ve had a really good think about my favourites and they all centre around one main thing, the South West.  I love so many things about the region from living here, the beautiful beaches, great shopping locations and the food, oh where do I start with the great food!  So from now on (after this post) that’s what I’ll be writing and showcasing over the next how many years I’m not sure!

The South West is a great holiday destination and I’m lucky enough to live here so the blog will act as a portal for sampling everything it has to offer including reviews, events and holiday locations.  I’ll even build up a little directory so everything you need will be all in one place.  I’m hoping anyone who wants to consider visiting the region will find the posts helpful and inspiring, giving you the best experiences right here in the UK.

If you have any ideas or places you’d like to explore, let me know and I’ll add it to my ever growing list of amazing things to write about.



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