Fashion, My First Love

I’ve always loved fashion, style and everything in between but when I was growing up careers in anything so called fluffy subjects were not really readily available and if you were academically capable then doing subjects other than the norm where not recommended as a good choice.  It’s laughable that Media Studies was a fluffy choice!  Oh if I knew then what I know now!!

I have never been a girl thats gone with the flow, stuck to the rules and followed what everyone else is doing, by the time I got to college I knew I’d made the wrong choices although don’t get me wrong I was capable but I didn’t love what I was doing.  At the time I did just go with it, as I wanted to get to University which in turn did happen.   University was amazing and I met awesome people including my bestie and my gorgeous hubby.

I had a crazy few years, finally landing a job that had nothing to do with my previous qualifications which gave me the confidence to really put my heart into something I loved doing, again was an off the cuff application that I never though’d I’d get a look in as I had no experience.

My brother is now going through exactly the same process, starting college, choosing what he thinks he wants to do with his life!  I say do exactly what you love!!! I’m lucky enough to now be on the other side with some good and bad choices behind me and many more to come I’m sure but my advice is clear and simple, you will be working for a great deal of the rest of your life (unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery) but for those of you choosing or hesitant to take a chance, just do it!

I took a chance and although I’m not doing what I love full time yet, I am now much happier that I have my foot a least a little step further into the door.  I love styling different outfits, writing about what I love and working with lots of interesting people.  Blogging has given me so much in the little time I’ve been doing it and has helped me build my portfolio and contacts and am happy to be part of a larger network of fellow bloggers.

There are plenty of opportunities out there but you have to have the confidence to grab them.  Even if you don’t think you have enough experience for something apply anyway and let your personality shine through, you never know you might land your dream job!

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