Ethical and Local Fashion with MadeCloser

Many of my readers will know and I have featured several times, my love for independent brands and UK based fashion labels.  So much production is now filtering overseas it’s sometimes easy to forget in little ol Blighty that we do still have lots of talented individuals and businesses that produce and source all of their products from our own country.   Not only is this brilliant for our economy but it’s also giving us as a nation the freedom of choice in unique goods and services and keeping our much needed money in this country. 
With today’s hectic schedules and finding little time to go to the high street and seek out these wonderful independent boutiques and stores, convenience is becoming our best friend.  That might be in the form of doing all your shopping including clothing, electricals, gifts in your nearest supermarket or using the brilliant internet to buy online. 
The web is the perfect place to find unusual, unique, handmade goods and the influence of social media is helping these brands reach out to far more people than before but if like me sometimes you don’t have time to sit for hours trawling twitter, facebook or the net in general for goodies, then there’s a fab place just for you!  I have been introduced to the perfect website which has them all under one roof. 
ethical clothing, madecloser, made in the UK
MadeCloser is a website which enables you to find lots of products ranging from Fashion, Beauty, Gifts and much more from brands and businesses that make everything right here in the UK.  If like me you love to know exactly what is in your skin cream or where the ingredients have originated and care about how and where it has been made, then this site is perfect for you.  MadeCloser prides itself on supporting local and national economy and provides options for buyers and sellers through its unique marketplace and is actively involved in promoting self-sustainability and free will. 
I have found so many different brands on MadeCloser and one of my favourite finds so far is Nancy Dee.  This label brings together my two favourite things, vintage inspired designs and British ethically made pieces.   They have quirky designs with retro styles that are all made here in the UK.  Check out my favourite dresses from their collection.  Everything is free delivery too. 
ss14, vintage clothing, handmade clothing, ethical
ethical clothing, handmade, made in the uk, vintage clothing
ethical clothing, vintage clothing, retro, handmade clothing
Nancy Dee
This is the perfect website to find great fashionable items, at a great price and all sourced and made within the UK.  Take a peek at the website and immerse yourself in quality brands whilst having a lovely feeling you are doing your bit for the local and national economy.
Would love to know what brands and products take your fancy, take a look and let me know!
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