Devon Dub Fest 2014

It feels like ages ago now but recently I went to Devon Dub Fest with my hubby and our Mk2 Golf Norman.  I took hundreds of photos and a short amount of film (wish I got some more) but I have merged it all into a short vlog/photo diary of our weekend at this great event.

I decided on a quirky little film style introduction and a collage of the best bits too.  It was a fabulous event and even if you’re not crazy about cars there are some great designs, modifications and general festival fun pictures to take a look at.

This is my first proper vlog/photo diary so would love you to take a look and I’ll hopefully be uploading more events and vlogs very soon (now I’m getting the hang of it!!)  I would also love if you could subscribe to my new Youtube channel Elsie Delilah 

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