Detox Time – Join In

At the beginning of the year I embarked on a body detox trying to cut out the rubbish and exercise a bit more (never been a gym bunny or healthy eater).  It was a challenge in itself, stripping out any processed food or pretty much anything with sugar and I learnt a lot about what we really should be eating.  The exercise bit wasn’t so bad as it embraced the HIT (High Intensity Training) so you could go crazy for 30 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home (no gym membership in sight).

So far I’m 2lbs from losing 2 stone in a year which you may think as slow progress but so far I’ve been able to maintain it am now looking to get back to really losing some more.

I am going back to basics again and even growing my own vegetables (saves a bit on shopping bills) but I am also trying a 30 day challenge, just something everyone else has been doing (found on the Internet) but also mixing it with a great app i found on my Ipad, its called Sworkit.  This has a variety of  exercises and training sessions which incorporate HIT.  

I’m going to start this all on Monday as I think its a great day to start but I also have some cheesecake in the fridge that needs eating this weekend (ha ha) but in all seriousness I will be starting and if any readers want to join in I’ll be updating every Sunday on my progress so please comment with your results.

I can’t wait to start seeing the results and feeling a whole lot better in myself, check out the 30 day challenge below and join in if you want.