Designer Spotlight – Rarisame

Ollia Alexandra Rarisame is a name you may have already heard of, this beautiful young hard working fashion designer hailed as the Kim Kardashian of the fashion world is a regular city socialite and enjoys the good life alongside her hectic work schedule. This young designer interned amongst the best in the industry including placements at Tatler, Valentino, Vogue and Bulgari.


Ollia’s talent, drive and love of luxury fashion gave her the inspiration to develop her own fashion label that encompasses style to compliment the female form. The fashion label named ‘Rarisame’ celebrates classic cuts and tailoring for styles that are versatile and timeless. Ollia says ‘When I was designing this collection, I wanted to present a concept of refined cuts and forms, something that will be so tailored, no matter what shape your body is, it would make it look even better, more proportional. I made sure that every piece makes the best out of a female form, waist slimmer, and the silhouette longer, leaner. The fabrics I chose give a feeling of luxury without being ostentatious. Finest leather, silk and wool. To add something edgy I used sapphires as embroidery and put a contrasted zip on each piece to spice the classics up, add fun and youth appeal.‘

Every women needs effortless tailoring in their wardrobe and this may be the label that provides the extra bit of sparkle we all need.

Check out Rarisame’s lookbook at:



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