Complete Magazine Announces Launch

complete magazineComplete Magazine
I love a good read and many women all over the world love a go to resource that showcases the most exclusive fashion and accessories.  Now, one soon-to-launch magazine fulfils this demand.  Complete Magazine launches in mid-November, 2014, and promises to deliver the most exclusive and elusive fashion accessories from around the world.

Seeking out prestigious designers from around the world, Complete Magazine will feature must-have accessories, worldwide fashion events, catwalk-inspired stories, and more.  The magazine’s editor, Henrietta Broadway, has an eye for finding the finest accessories and infuses her passion for seeking these items out into Complete Magazine.

The upcoming magazine will include information on how to obtain items not available online.  In addition, Complete Magazine will feature contributions from the leading fashion designers, fashion commentators, and fashion bloggers.  Readers will get an inside look at sought-after, limited-edition accessories from elite designers, as well as the finest, most luxurious items available.

In the second week of November, Complete Magazine will launch exclusively via Apple Newsstand.  The launch will include two issues: a preview issue and a subscription issue.  Complete Magazine will be launching with a UK/English edition. More information about Complete Magazine can be found at  Be sure to check it out!

complete magazineComplete Magazine


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