Charity Wimbledon Ball Gown auction with Katja Nuutinen Couture

Katja Nuutinen Couture specialises in designing fabulous ball gowns but never before quite so literally! Based in Wimbledon she decided to celebrate tennis fortnight by creating something fun and unique, a show stopping “Ball”- gown that is sure to catch the attention of bypassers on her shop window, tennis lovers or not.

Every year during Wimbledon tennis over 70 businesses in Wimbledon Village and Leopold Road are decorating their windows in tennis theme with balls, racquets and champagne bottles sponsored by Prince and Lansons. That’s when the idea of the “Ball”-gown was born in Katja’s head.

She says- “Here in Wimbledon we love tennis! Wimbledon Championships are our yearly highlight when the sporting world’s attention turns to our lovely town and the amazing battles that are endured on the lawn. This was a perfect opportunity to create something bright and playful, yet classy, just like Wimbledon itself.”

The “Ball”-gown, made of tennis ball material, will be auctioned for children’s charity after the tennis fortnight. Children’s wellbeing is near to Katja’s heart. “Seeing a little one helpless and suffering just breaks my heart. That’s why it is so important that we protect them when they are vulnerable whether due to illness, abuse or any other reason.”, Katja says.

Take a look at Katja Nuutinen Couture and see the special bespoke couture available.

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