Celebrating Fireworks Night

fireworks nightIt’s coming to one of my favourite months of the year, November.  I’m a little biased as it’s my birthday very soon but it’s also fireworks night, a night for getting wrapped up warm, lighting some sparklers and watching an amazing display fireworks display.  

Unless you always go to a local organised display, many people make their own mini displays in their back garden inviting family and friends to a personal and special event.  This is something I usually do with family and I absolutely love everyone getting together and admiring the display with a cup of hot chocolate.  As we all know with fireworks they do carry some important safety instructions and even when you are at an organised event, it’s important to know the precautions you need to take.

For kiddies and dogs it can be quite a scary experience and my own family pet as a child used to hide under the table.  It is especially important to keep them away from fireworks as they can be dangerous if not handled correctly.  I found this really handy infographic produced by Pryers Solicitors that shows lots of facts on types of firework injuries and useful tips on basic safety including some quite obvious things, for example never trying to relight a firework that has failed to go off.  This would seem like common sense but the amount of head and eye injuries caused by this mistake is quite significant.  Take a look at the infographic here for some key facts.

Fireworks night really starts of the winter season and mixed with a roaring bonfire makes for a spectacular night out with friends or a cosy evening with family.  What will you be doing this year for fireworks night, are you venturing to your nearest display or grabbing a few fireworks for garden event?


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