Get LBD ready with Binky & Skinny Water

skinny waterSkinny Water

Bio Synergy is proud to announce Binky Felstead as the face of Skinny Water.

The down-to-earth Made In Chelsea star is determined that 2015 will be her year of fitness and is determined to change the world of macho male fitness into a female friendly zone.

The Skinny Water range is packed with strategic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to maximise toned muscle development and assist weight management in the gym or at home. Alongside Skinny Water, Binky has also been training hard and has even enlisted the help of one of the trainers that formed part of Manny Pacquiao’s team in the build up to his latest fight.

Launching this week with Primark as part of a healthier offering Skinny Water which is zero calories and zero sugar is the perfect fortified drink.

“I will be working really hard with my training at home and at the gym and incorporating the Active Woman & Skinny Water range into my diet and my lifestyle. The products speak for themselves, they have made a huge difference to my life already.  Using the supplements and proteins gives me better results than working out alone, as well as helping detox me.  Hopefully, this is my time to get really fit and maintain it for the rest of my life.”

Take a look at the Skinny Water range for your perfect workout buddy.

Activate – A pre-workout shake with a blend of premium protein, green tea extract, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, and folic acid. Available in stunning strawberry and luscious chocolate flavours.
Define – A daily supplement that has been proven to control cravings and manage your appetite.
Refine – A daily supplement to assist the metabolism and tackle cellulite.
Omega IQ – A daily supplement to improve brain function.
Refuel – Ultimate post exercise shake for recovery, includes calcium, vitamin D and folic acid
Revitalise – An isotonic drink mix for superior hydration for the gym and beyond, with dextrose, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin K. Available in electrifying orange flavour.
Active Vitamin – High performance vitamin for energy and wellbeing, ideal for the active woman.


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