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As my readers know, I love testing new products and reviewing the next big thing to hit the high-street. So this post will be worth a read if you are looking for a natural skin-care solution.  Just recently I’ve been testing out a fabulous new natural skin-care range from across the pond – St Grape Beauty Inc based in Toronto, Canada.

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St Grape have created a pure, natural and healthy way to cleanse, heal and repair skin using ingredients as nature intended.  The range includes oils, scrubs, salts, soaps and much more to give the ultimate spa experience in your own home.

The products are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added chemicals or parabens, making it ideal for skin types such as: sore, itchy, sensitive, acne, eczema or even for normal skin to maintain its radiance and healthiness.

I love indulging in some me time and having the time to test these products has been a pleasure in my busy schedule.

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Aqua Bliss Natural Face and Bath Scrub – £12.00 

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My favourite product of the samples I reviewed had to be the Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub.  It contains 97% natural ingredients including mineral sea salt and natural oil extracts from around the world.  This scrub can be used on body and face and contains tiny particles to cleanse skin without drying out. The scrub was perfect for my skin as I find many products similar to this very gritty and harsh for my face.  Aqua Bliss is made from natural sea salt and lots of pure extracts and only requires a small scoop and some warm water to get the goodness going.  It does have a floral scent which isn’t too strong which can be a turn off for these type of products but to me it just proves no additives are put in to make it smell like something it isn’t!

beauty, pedicure, bbloggers, skincare, footcareNext up is another great product that I fell in love with, although a little pricey for my normal skincare regime, this product would be a perfect gift or investment buy.  The St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub does exactly what it says on the tub.  An immediate reviving feeling for tired and dry feet.  This scrub is grittier but perfect for giving your feet a good scrub in the bath or shower.  Use similarly to the facial scrub with one scoop and warm water and have a good scrub for a few minutes.
I even got my husband to try this product because he has very tough skin on his feet and he was pleasantly surprised at the soothing nature and natural scent and for a man to say that’d he would buy it! It has to be good!

Ancient Foot Scrub – £25.00 

Another product I’ve been trailing is St Grape’s Natural Soaking Salt.  This product contains Himalayan Pink Salt and various natural extracts to give a 100% natural product.  The soaking salt can be used in a variety of ways including Foot Soaking, Bathing and even scenting a room.
The ingredients provide a natural exfoliation which removes dead cells, leaves skin feeling refreshed and stimulates circulation for a overall feeling of well-being and aids sore and tired muscles so perfect after a hard day at the office.  I used the product for scenting my room as it comes with a little linen bag, all you do is fill half way up with the salts and place wherever you want the scent to be released.  The fragrance is zingy and refreshing and gives me a little pick me up every-time I walk into the room.

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massage, oil, natural, skincare, beauty, bbloggers, fashionLast but by no means least is the St Grape Invisible Skin Massage Oil made from 100% natural essential oils.  I’m not usually a fan of very oily products as my skin can tend to be itself a little oily but if you use as directed this will leave your skin feeling very smooth and definitely refreshed.   You can also use this on your face but personally I just felt it was a little too oily for my facial skin-care routine.  However I did get my hubby to give my shoulders a massage with this oil and wow it was so relaxing and loosened my very tight neck muscles (I’m prone to back trouble!).  The fragrance again gives off a relaxing and revitalising aroma perfect for a mini spa experience.

Some people may be put off by the floral aromas generated by these products but as with a lot of natural products this shows that what you can smell is exactly what is in them.  The brand prides itself on bringing a healthy and skin friendly approach to the daily routine and with continued use of these products I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin especially on my face.

The packaging at present maybe needs modernising but I have been told that in time for Christmas the range is getting a little facelift with new packaging but if you can look past what a box looks like then these products are definitely worth a try.

I have loved trying out an exclusive and although the products are not available to buy yet in the UK, they will be hitting our shelves very soon.  You can also buy all the above and a lovely range of other products directly from the website

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*This post contains PR samples from St Grape