Beautiful Crystal Bracelets by Karma Feeling

There is always something special about buying a personalised piece of jewellery, even choosing the colours or style just makes it that little bit different to the mass costume jewellery readily available on the high-street as it suits you and your personality.

When I found the lovely Karma Feeling’s website, gazing through amazing crystal jewels made me want to experiment with a style of my own.  These are no ordinary beads, Karma Feeling use crystals known for their healing powers.  Crystals have been used for thousands of years in aid of a variety of ailments including general health conditions, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety.  Each crystal has different strengths and Karma Feeling use these healing properties to make special bracelets for individual needs.
Now honestly I don’t know if crystals really aid in healing the soul and ailments of individuals but wearing beautiful jewellery that may help me pave a healthier and fuller life is definitely worth trying out.  Karma Feeling give a wonderful guide to each crystal and their properties which helps you choose perfect bracelet, just for you!
Take a look at the crystals I chose for my gorgeous bracelet and check out their meanings below:
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Clear Quartz –   Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals there is and can be used for any ailment!  It also aids concentration and strengthens the immune system.  

Jet – Jet has been worn as a talisman for protection since the Stone Age.  It draws out negativity and removes any unreasonable fears that the wearer may have.  It guards against violence and illness and has been worn across the ages to protect the wearer from ‘dark entities’.  It can help to stabilise finances, balances mood swings and alleviates depression.  Physically, it treats epilepsy, swollen glands, migraines and the common cold.

Pyrite – Also known as Fool’s Gold, Pyrite is brilliant for deflecting negative energy.  It’s also said to deflect infectious diseases!  In business, it teaches you how to see hidden agendas, and how to deal with things diplomatically.  It is a great stone for people who suffer with self doubt and insecurity, although may be a little strong for people who already have a lot of confidence.  It may increase mental capabilities and will help stimulate energy where it’s lacking.  It’s excellent for people suffering from circulatory problems, along with asthmatics and those suffering from bronchial problems.

White Howlite – Howlite is an incredibly calming stone and will help anyone suffering from insomnia, especially if it’s caused by a busy mind!  It also helps you to become more patient and can help to control anger.  Howlite can also balance calcium levels within the body, helping to strengthen the bones and teeth.

Tigers Eye – Tiger’s Eye was worn by Roman Soldiers when they went into battle.  It strengthens determination, focus and patience.  It’s also a stone of good fortune and, like a tiger, the wearer will achieve their goals by pure determination and focus!  It will help anxious and nervous people to overcome their fears and find courage.  Tiger’s Eye also has a strong power to draw money to the wearer.  It helps to heal broken bones, problems of the throat and the reproductive organs.

Hematite – A deflective stone, hematite works by stopping any negativity that is directed at you and sending it back.  It’s alleged that it is a great stone to wear in a legal situation.  Psychologically, it supports timid people and boosts self esteem and confidence.  It will also work well for overeaters and smokers, or anyone who overindulges.  It has strong links with the blood and will be supportive to people suffering from anaemia and it can help with iron absorbtion.  It’s another good stone for cleansing the blood and treats leg cramps, insomnia and anxiety.

I love finding new and exciting fashion brands and getting to put my own stamp on something makes it even more special.  Check out Karma Feeling’s website for your own crystal inspirations and make your perfect bracelet.

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