A New Chapter



Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein 


At what point do you question the repetitive routine we all seem to do in everyday life.  Most of it is for a very good reason but I don’t think anyone is ever totally spontaneous, living one adventure to the next.  Unfortunately life doesn’t generally pan out like that, with all good intentions things are thrown at us that either scare, enlighten or test us and this is what makes us the person we are.

Whether you embrace the routine or decide to change it, we all have choices that are sometimes really difficult to make.  A big one recently for me was my job.  I’ve generally always been in finance or accounting with lots of analytical work and number crunching and I really thought this would be my calling but alas it didn’t ignite the passion.  I mean really what person does a job they really get excited about, it’s about paying the bills right?!

Don’t get me wrong my current job (well until today) was great, a standard accounts job but what made it was the people, a really good bunch of people who made my 4 years enjoyable and I’ve made some great friends.  There was one thing lacking, my drive, the passion and unfortunately my motivation to better myself.  So was there anything I could do about that?  Initially no but there was something I loved and felt great about doing and that was blogging!

Biting the Bullet

Sounds cliche but gushing my thoughts onto my blog was and is something I love to share with people.  I get great feedback from friends, the blogging community and my family and I never imagined that it might be something I could use to start a brand new career, especially in my sleepy part of the UK.  Writing and photography has become a massive part of my everyday life and the buzz from seeing my published work is worth the research and time that goes into a piece.

So a month ago I bite the bullet with support from my hubby and inspiration from this article in Stylist Magazine and decided to apply for something totally different, a content and marketing job.  Not expecting to even get an interview I actually got offered the job.  I was thrilled and my work on the blog and my freelance writing helped me land this incredible opportunity.  I start Monday and am totally scared yet excited about what the future has in store. It’s a totally different from my logic driven, analytical mindset used in my current job and will help me explore my creative side that has been hiding for many years.  

My New Chapter

This is the start of a brand new chapter, proving that if you put your mind to something, persevere and be confident in yourself and your abilities then you can make stuff happen.  I’ve recently turned 30 and never thought I’d be able to change my career especially to something I love doing.  My advice for anyone wanting to make the change is weigh up the options, read the article that inspired me as it has so many great tips and above all make the right decision for you!  

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – Albert Einstein 



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